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Meet Your Alliance Certified Coaches
"You will be assigned a personal Coach"


Brittany Pride

Mike Collier

Connie Schmitt


Jenn Wade


Tom Simoneau &
Jill Silk



"You don't have to be great to get started...but you have to get started to be be great."

The TDP program includes the following...

-Access to your dedicated Mentor/Coach!

-Special access to a "Lauch Session" to get you and your business started fast!

-Talent Development Classes Thursdays from 10-12pm

-Team Help Tuesday Classes on Tuesdays from 10-12pm

-3 Day "Alliance Bootcamp"

-Monthly Events hosted by The Alliance Group and its partners

-Access to our support Staff for help onboarding and day to day business needs.


Core Values of the TDP program

Deals Over Everything (D.O.E.)

The best way to learn is to get a deal. Coaching is always more effective when we're dealing with real life situations that have a check waiting on the other side. Your coach's  promise to you is to not let you screw it up:) We will deliver for your client, we promise. Don't wait to be perfect, let people know you're in the business and CONNECT, CONNECT, CONNECT until you get a deal to work on.

OUTLEARN the Competition

Having a DESIRE to figure things out will separate you from the "average" agent and help you become the OUTSTANDING agent we know you can be! The more you take it upon yourself to learn new ideas, new concepts, and new strategies the more you will stay ahead of all the competition. No one can ever catch you if you keep outlearning the competition!

Focus on Solutions

The real estate game is not easy, but do you really want it to be? The harder something is the less competition there is and the more business there is for you. The only way we know to make a difficult game easier for YOU is to focus on solutions. Anybody can spot a problem but few focus all their energy on solutions. Those are the ones that win. The biggest winners can actually convert "problems" into "opportunities"...that's when you know you made it!

How to use your Coach effectively!

1. Set up an initial 1 on 1 meeting with your Mentor/Coach.

2. While you can contact your Coach anytime, please text first and write out what you need. This is a good exercise to write out your questions clearly. Some answers will be quick and can be texted back and others will require a phone call or meeting. The coach will decide.

3. Do your best to research your questions prior to contacting your coach so you can build your research muscle!💪🏼

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