"Becoming the Investor Agent": Learn the Investor...be the Investor

by Bobby Davidowitz

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Personal Development


We believe in making dreams happen...fulfilling our full potential...and CRUSHING LIMITED BELIEFS! This is part of the 70 agents who joined us for a trip to go see Tony Robbins at his signature event "Unleash The Power Within." Fyi, we all walked on FIRE!🔥🏃🏽‍♂️

This is one of our famous "AirBnB Masterminds." We took a trip to a conference in Las Vegas with several agents and brought in, Jay Kinder, from National Association of Expert Advisors to do a private mastermind just for our group! We also had a pretty awesome brunch too!😋😋😋


We also encourage our Agents to start their own masterminds, clubs, and events to strengthen mind, body, and soul. This is part of a group called "Club 830" led by our own top producer, Jennifer DeVivo. This is an amazing accountability group staying motivated by checking in with each other at 8:30 every morning to start their prospecting calls!☎️💰



For Agents that join my team, my commitment is to personally coach you whether you are a new agent or an established agent. In addition we have built an entire program dedicated to developing agents called, The Talent Development program, featuring live classes, virtual classes, seminars, special events and more.🙇🏻‍♂️🤑

This is an "Agent Spotlight"interview that I did with one of our top agents, Diante Lawrence. The combination of our coaching and his drive led him to a six figure income in less than a year! 💪🏼🙌🏼😊

The Investor Agent (1).png

Do you want to get a feel for how I coach?:) The class above is an agent favorite as I teach you how to not only work with Investors...but also be an Investor. We want all of our agents to be in a wealth mindset because we want you to prosper! Fill out your info on the right and I will send you the class!

Our Culture


We really are a real estate FAMILY. We enjoy working together but it's more than that. We want to eat, laugh, drink, and help each other in life and business. This is our yearly Thanksgiving Potluck where not only our agents are welcome but their families as well.❤️


You will quickly learn that we don't take ourselves too seriously! We LOVE to have fun and to party together. This is a Halloween party we attended at Howl At The Moon in Orlando.👻

We support several missions that our agents are passionate about. Women's Leadership is a mission that we all like to champion and in this picture you see just some of the powerful leaders we have in our Alliance Group family. 👩‍❤️‍👩


Finally we can't forget our vendor Partners.  Our Partners not only make sure they give us the best resources but also share in our passion for culture and having a great time! This is a special event hosted by Celebration Title in one of the suites at a Magic Game. It was incredible!🏀🥂


Bobby Davidowitz


or call/text 407-739-5586

Email: Bobby@OrlandoPropertyExpert.com

Instagram: @BobbyFranchise